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Here's What We Know for Now
- May 8, 2020.

Hello Everyone,

Please know that EPC has been in regular and frequent contact with the City of Edmonton regarding the opening up of the outdoor pickleball courts.  We have advocated resolutely for resumption of play and we believe the City of Edmonton is listening to us but frankly, we simply do not have control of the timeline for their decision making.

We have given the City of Edmonton our reopening proposal and it now lies before the City Covid 19 Team which meets daily.  The City has announced it will issue its Revised Relaunch Plan on May 13 and we expect pickleball to be included at that time.  Maybe we will know something sooner but maybe not….

We Have a Reopening Plan

In the meantime, we have created a plan for reopening which is very detailed.  In step by step order, our plan lays out our entire pickleball play process right from the moment you park your car in the Royal Gardens parking lot.  At our May 13 Board Meeting we will finalize our plan and publish it for you on May 14.

I know there are a lot of PB Plans out there right now from various other pickleball organizations but please be assured that Edmonton Pickleball Club already has a well thought out plan which covers every eventuality.

Our PB Plan involves monitored play only.  We are not going to open up the gates of the courts and say “have at it” and play on a casual basis.  There will be no drop in play because we cannot monitor it.

We have a “back to basics” court schedule ready to go and the courts will be open when the schedule is in effect.  There will be no play outside of the court schedule hours because play outside of the court schedule cannot be monitored.

We believe we should be able to publish our court schedule on May 14 as well.

We expect that we will gradually move in phases to full resumption of playThis first phase of reopening will have very tight, almost Orwellian controls for which we do not apologize.  Your health and well-being is what matters most – pickleball is, after all, only a game.  If you want to play pickleball with us, you will simply need to abide by all the requirements.

If our reopening goes well, in time, we may be able to adjust some of the protocols but always, the well-being of our members will be at the heart of everything we do.

A Word About Cleaning Up the Courts From Winter

At the moment, the courts are closed – to everyone including the Courts Clean Up Committee.  As soon as we know when we can open, Glenn Vickers and Ran Newby will get the clean up crew together and get to work!

As we get going again, you’ll hear more from me in the next few days. Stay tuned. Never a dull moment at EPC!

Until then, stay safe!


Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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