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Updated News & Views - July 24, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have several important news items to share with you so please bear with me all the way to the end.

Kareem's Last Day

Firstly, Kareem’s last day with us will be August 2He will be leaving us earlier than originally expected to go on an important family vacation and then he is returning to the U of A for his third year in the Faculty of Commerce.  I know that every one of us wishes him all the best and much success in his future endeavors.  He has been integral to the smooth growth of our club and we have all benefited from his participation in our sport.

Going forward, Halle Singh will assume the duties of our Programs Manager until the end of August and she will begin her training July 29 in tandem with Kareem.  Halle is a quick study and very capable and under Kareem’s tutelage, we won’t “skip a beat”.  Halle, too, is returning to the U of A in September, albeit in the Faculty of Education.

I know you will do all you can to welcome Halle to our club as she begins her training next week.

Sport Room Access

It has been no secret that EPC has struggled with access to and use of the Sport Room this year. We have tried various versions of secure access, but we have not always been successful.  The Community League has also struggled with security issues resulting in vandalism and, most recently, unfortunate graffiti.

This week the Royal Gardens Community League is replacing the tumbler door locking system with an electronic locking system.  EPC will be given an access code for entry to the Sport Room.  The door will electronically lock itself when closed so the issue of forgetting to lock the door will no longer be in play.

The groups with access codes will be significantly reduced and restricted to legitimate users only. The Sport Room will no longer serve as a neighborhood smoke shack!

We applaud the RG Community League for trying to get this problem under control.  I also applaud the many EPC members who reported bad behaviour when they witnessed it. Thank you to all and particular thanks to Gloria, Dave, Ray and Jean.

Please stay tuned for further details about Sport Room Access Codes for EPC members.

On Court Matters

Now let’s turn to “on court” matters and I know that I risk “getting the dander up” on folks with this item but it has to be said…again.

Our club, today, has 692 members with by far the largest contingent at the 3.0 level.  Our 3.0 players are an amazing group.  They regularly fill all ten courts.  Sign ups are fierce and fill up quickly.  Snooze…you lose…your spot on SUG if you don’t sign up promptly when the SUGs go out on Sundays.

But, please remember that our 3.0 sessions are Round Robins and not drop in sessions.   If you sign up, please show up for the entire Round Robin.

Jasper Park 3.0 sessions are very good options for 3.0s as our 3.0 sessions fill to capacity at Royal Gardens.

Please consider JP seriously.  John Crichton and Peter Biro are there to set up the courts at JP and the sessions there are beginning to build a following.

If “life happensand you cannot play when you have signed up, you MUST DELETE yourself from the SUG so another member can take your place.  Be assured that members are waiting for a spot to open.  You simply cannot tie up a valuable spot which you are not going to use.

On a recent 3.0 Round Robin, at capacity at 40 sign ups, there were 7 no shows.  That cannot happen, folks.  Those 7 no show spots could have been filled several times over.

Also, if you sign up for the Round Robin, come on time, be ready to play on time and play through the entire Round Robin.

If you know you only have time for 2 games of a Round Robin, please don’t take up a spot for all 6-8 games.

If you need an extra breather between the games of a whole Round Robin, use my strategy – offer to take the bye of another player. They will love you for it!

The bottom line is EPC is now a large club and playing spots are in demand and that is good.  But it also means we must be courteous of others so that we can all have a good experience in the game we all love and want to play.

Our Club's Accounting Needs

And lastly, many thanks to Dave Sheard who has nobly stepped forward to take on the Accounting Needs of our club as of July 31!  Thank you! Thank you!  We look forward to working with you, Dave.

Doug Thomson was the club’s original Treasurer at the inception of the club and returned to serve the Accounting Needs of the club these past eighteen months

Doug, thank you for your commitment to the club.  Usually working behind the scenes, you have always been there when needed, you always made time for the club and you have made a huge difference for us. For that and so much more, we thank you!

Paddles Up!


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Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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