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All About 3.5 Player Ratings - March 2019

Hello Everyone,

Here is very detailed information about ratings for our 3.5 members. Please read it through all the way to the end.  If in doubt about any of it, ask me questions.  I suddenly have a lot more time on my hands.

In 2019 and beyond, in order to play in 3.5 club events, you must have either a club rating of 3.5 or a tournament rating of 3.5.  A self rating of 3.5 will no longer suffice and you will need to take a ratings clinic to be formally adjudicated to meet the requirements of 3.5.

If, during your 3.5 ratings clinic, you meet the standard for 4.0, you will be moved up. 

If, during your 3.5 ratings clinic, you do not meet the standard for 3.5, you will be moved to the rating for which you do meet the standard.

There will be an appeals process.

We are setting up ratings clinics dates and times and we will publish them on Sign Up Genius very soon. Stay tuned.

There will be no cost to you for your ratings clinic.

Once the 2019 court schedule takes effect, if you do not have a 3.5 club rating in place, you will be moved to 3.0 and you will be invited to 3.0 club events until such time as you have successfully completed your 3.5 ratings clinic.  We will be very firm about this.

The club Ratings Chair ( me, for now ) is monitoring the ratings carefully.  We have added a field to your Member Profile which lists the source of your rating: self, club or tournament.

As Ratings Chair, I have already identified members with valid club ratings from last year – I kept detailed records of all ratings clinics to date – and I have assigned those club ratings, where applicable, to your Member Profile.

So, please go to your Member Profile page on our website and take a look at your rating.

If your rating is a self-rating, you will need to sign up for a 3.5 ratings clinic on SUG when it comes out.

If your rating is a club rating or a tournament rating of 3.5, please go on about your day and enjoy the sunshine!

In a previous email about ratings, I presented the following exemptions, which I repeat here:

If you completed the September 10, 2018, 3.5 Player Feedback Session and were adjudicated to have met the skill requirements for 3.5, you will be accorded a 3.5 club rating by the Ratings Chair (me). If you are uncertain whether you took part in this session last year, no worries, I have the lists and the results.

If you have a 3.5 rating on UTPR on Mixed Doubles or Doubles, you will be accorded a 3.5 Tournament Rating on your EPC Player Profile.  For EPC purposes, we will give you the benefit of the higher rating.  The Ratings Chair (me) will monitor the UTPR results and make the appropriate changes, as needed, on your EPC Player Profile. 

If you have successfully completed a 3.5 rating session outside of the Edmonton region by an IPTPA professional, please submit your results to me. This means please send me your ratings documentation or ask your evaluator to send me your documentation.  Use

That’s all for now, everyone.



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