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All About the Player Rating System - March 2019

New for the 2019 Outdoor Season at Edmonton Pickleball Club

It seems almost everyone, everywhere, is talking about ratings.

So, let’s dive right in and talk about what EPC is going to do about ratings for our club.

Firstly, we are going to establish a Ratings Council with a Ratings Chair.  To start, the Ratings Chair will be me and I will invite one representative at each rating level to join the Ratings Council to give advice, input and feedback.  By summer’s end, I would like to have a Ratings Council member become the Ratings Chair.

Secondly, we have made an important change to your Player Profiles in that we have added a field that identifies whether your rating is a self-rating, a club rating or a tournament rating. The Rating Chair will monitor and update these fields for you.

Thirdly, when outdoor play starts, we will need you to be EPC members in order to participate in club events as per the court schedule.  I believe that by now you have seen that EPC offers you good value. So, please don’t dilly dally. If you are intending to renew with us, please do so now.  If you are choosing to seek pickleball success elsewhere, that’s fine.  We wish you well – just let us know your intentions.

Now, let’s look at ratings level by level. Here’s the plan:

Orientation to PB is for absolute beginners with no experience, only a rudimentary understanding of the game but a big heart and a desire to learn the game and be part of our pickleball community. Upon completion of Orientation to PB, members will be helped to self-rate themselves as 2.0 or 2.5.  In extraordinary circumstances, some members will be helped to self-rate themselves as 3.0.

Rating 2.0 is self-rated based on the rubric set out by Pickleball Canada for 2.0.  Experienced EPC members with Train the Trainer expertise, or the like training and credentials, may be asked to assist in the self rating at this level.

Rating 2.5 is self-rated based on the rubric set out by Pickleball Canada for 2.5.  Experienced EPC members with Train the Trainer expertise, or the like training and credentials, may be asked to assist in the self rating at this level.

Rating 3.0 is self-rated based on the rubric set out by Pickleball Canada for 3.0.  Strong 3.0 self-rated members may request a formal rating session which will either confirm a 3.0 club rating or recommend a 3.5 club rating or even a 2.5 club rating. The results of the rating session will be applied so be careful what you ask for.  If as a result of the rating session, your skills are adjudicated to be 2.5 and not 3.0, you will be moved to 2.5 for club events.

If you are a 3.0 self rated member and you would like a formal rating, please contact info@edmontonpickleballclub.orgwith your request. I am starting to compile these requests now.

Rating 3.5 – here is where things really change from last year.  This rating will no longer be a self-rating.  Beginning in 2019, we will require all members at 3.5 to have completed a formal rating session for 3.5 and be adjudicated to have meet all the skills set out by Pickleball Canada for 3.5.  The costs will be borne by EPC.  There are several exemptions from this required formal rating:

If you completed the September 10, 2018,  3.5 Player Feedback Session and were adjudicated to have met the skill requirements for 3.5, you will be accorded a 3.5 club rating by the Ratings Chair (me). If you are uncertain whether you took part in this session last year, no worries, I have the lists and the results.

If you have a 3.5 rating on UTPR on Mixed Doubles or Doubles, you will be accorded a 3.5 Tournament Rating on your EPC Player Profile.  The Ratings Chair(me) will monitor the UTPR results and make the appropriate changes, as needed, on your EPC Player Profile.

If you have successfully completed a 3.5 rating session outside of the Edmonton region by an IPTPA professional, please submit your results to me. Use

If none of the exemptions apply to you, you must participate in a formal 3.5 ratings session.  Please contact me directly at to request your rating session.

You may not play 3.5 on a self-rated basis in 2019. The Rating Chair(me) will monitor all 3.5 play to be sure we get this correct.

Rating 4.0 will have no real change from last year.  All members who play at 4.0 must have either a club rating of 4.0 or have a UTPR rating of 4.0 on Mixed Doubles or Doubles Play.

As last year, the Rating Chair, will again monitor the ratings very faithfully.

Rating 4.5 and 5.0 will have no real change from last year.  Players at these levels will require 4.5 or better UTPR ratings in Mixed Doubles or in Doubles Play.

If you are still with me at this point in this email, you may be asking yourself, “Why does this matter when I just to go out there with my new friends and bat the ball”?

Let me briefly try to answer your question

A player’s rating is an assessment of the player’s place on a continuum of pickleball skills from beginner to expert.  The scale is a number between 1 and 5 including increments with a 1.0 rating being an absolute beginner and a 5.0 being an expert.

EPC abides by Pickleball Canada which has implemented the International Federation of Pickleball rating system and this is the same rating system used in all of North America. 

Rating a player serves two purposes. It assists players and clubs in determining where the player is on

the skill continuum and the skills she/he needs to work on to continue their pickleball progress.

Secondly, it helps players find other players of similar ability to play with.

Questions? I like questions and I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands, so please, feel free.

Complaints? I want to say “See Patrick” but it is a little early in the season for that!

Cheers, everyone!


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