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  Ratings Matter ... the Latest - January 6, 2019

Hello Everyone,

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding the importance of player ratings.

Parkland Pickleheads have taken the "bull by the horns" and have just sent out the following bold notice to their members requiring that, going forward, all club members must be club rated.  St Albert Pickleball Club already has that practice in place and are in the process of rating their members.

And, yes, we, too, are talking about player ratings.  Nothing definitive yet but we are talking about it. Just so you know....

Here is the text of the message Garand Jones, President of Parkland Pickleheads, sent out to their members:

Ratings Matter for Club and Tournament Play--There has been much discussion among players and from the all the area pickleball clubs about players playing recreationally and in tournaments at rating levels that do not match their skill level.  Whether it is players playing up recreationally or players playing down competitively.  This is a topic every club wants to work on resolving.

The Parkland Pickleheads in conjunction with the surrounding area clubs are tackling the subjective area of ratings.  In an effort to develop a consistent ratings program the Parkland Pickleheads are working with the 4 clubs in the area to develop a consistent means with which to provide club members an opportunity to participate in fair and equitable play, address concerns regarding players playing in the appropriate level and lastly to minimize the "grey area" that self rating poses.  We along with the Edmonton Pickleball Club and St. Albert Pickleball club will begin by incorporating a "club" rating as part of one's membership to the club.  This will create a 'liked" skill environment for club members in their weekly Round Robin play, Ladder Play, InterClub Play, Fun Tournaments, and Sanctioned Tournaments.   

The Parkland Pickleheads Club will sponsor a rating evaluation for each and every member of the club.  This means the club will absorb the cost for each member of the club to get "one" only evaluation to determine their current  skill level of play.  Once the "one" club sponsored evaluation is complete it will then be the responsibility of members to acquire a subsequent rating evaluation by a professional evaluator to move rating groups.  The club will offer rating evaluation clinics throughout the 2019 season to meet the needs of our members.  Moving forward each Parkland Picklehead member will require a "club rating" as a club member.  It is this "club rating" that will be used to determine where each member will play in any club sponsored programs/events and for those who compete in tournaments where a "club rating" and/or a tournament rating are available whichever rating is higher is the one that will be used to enter tournaments. 

Local professional evaluators are currently being heavily booked with other surrounding area clubs tasked with the same goal--to have all their club members rated for the 2019 season.  Juggling evaluator's availability makes this a large time consuming undertaking and as such we will begin rating evaluations for members this winter and continue on into the spring of 2019.  We will begin evaluations with the 2 largest groups -- the 3.0's and 3.5's.  Sign ups for evaluations will come out for members.  There will be a maximum of 12 participants / 2 hour session.  These will take place at Prescott School and Broxton Park school during some of the Saturday and Sunday sessions in January and February.  Round robin play will be observed and then each participant will review the rating determination with the evaluator afterwards.  Once a member's rating has been determined members are expected to honour the evaluation and play at the indicated level in all club sponsored activities and/or tournaments.  These "club ratings" will be made available upon request to any pickleball club and/or tournament director. 

Thanks, Garand

That's all for today. 



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Edmonton Pickleball Club is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta.
Postal address: c/o 304 Caldwell Close NW, Edmonton AB, Canada T6M 2W9

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