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 Newsletter - April 23, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Spring is definitely here now and outdoor PB is about to start!

Firstly, the Edmonton Pickleball Club Courts at Royal Gardens are ready for drop in play this week!  Monday morning, our Maintenance Team, headed by Tom Sperling, inspected and cleaned up the courts.

Courts at Royal Gardens Spring Court Schedule Goes Into Effect on Monday, April 30, 2018

Here is our Spring Court Schedule.  It is in PDF format so you can easily print it for your reference.  A color coded one will be also on our website.  We have organized playing times by self identified player ratings and each ratings group has been assigned four playing slots during the week.  We have included evening playing slots as well. Round Robin Play, Ladder Play, InterClub Play, Orientation to PB, Open Play are all on the schedule.  Please understand that this schedule is “organic” meaning the Court Schedule Team will monitor it and adjust it as is needed as the outdoor season progresses.

Court Access at Royal Gardens Community League – 4030-117 Street NW, Edmonton:

The Courts at Royal Gardens can be accessed via the south gate along the side of the storage shed.  Our storage box inside the courts.  Both use padlocks with the same combination: ?-?-?-? (set numbers along the narrow edge of the lock). Then you can take out the master padlock key from the storage chest to open one or more of the new gates.  If you want to play or practice during open scheduled times, please enjoy the facility and you can use the balls, paddles and portable nets (if needed) in the storage chest. Remember IF YOU ARE THE LAST TO LEAVE, PLEASE LOCK ALL 5 GATES. 


Westridge Courts

EPC members will once again be able to play PB on the Westridge courts located at 505 Wolf Willow Road, Edmonton.  This year EPC members can play there for free!  No need to buy Westridge Community League memberships this year.

In exchange, EPC will provide PB programming for the Westridge courts. We will develop a Court Schedule for Westridge as well as provide Orientation to PB and Beginner Lessons. This year, Westridge is expanding their catchment area to other surrounding neighborhoods so we expect a significant influx of PB players new to the game and we will encourage them all to join EPC.

Westridge courts may be ready for drop in play as early as next week.  We anticipate that the Westridge Court Schedule start date may be May 7.   We will confirm the Westridge start date, the court schedule and court access information as soon as we have confirmed them.

Conditions for Free Play at Westridge

Following are the conditions for free play at Westridge, it is very important that everyone follows these procedures.

At Westridge. during any and all scheduled Pickleball Round Robin Events, Drop in Sessions, Learn Pickleball Sessions, or various other lessons which are not yet scheduled, all participants must be either a member of a community league or a member of Edmonton Pickleball Club.

Proof of membership and sign in is required every time you play at Westridge. There will be a sign in clipboard inside the storage locker at Westridge.

The sign in is required so that Westridge Community League can statistically track Pickleball Court usage to determine the best possible Pickleball program for all as well as to make possible improvements to the courts.  Thank you for your cooperation.  It is in everyone’s best interests to comply.

Member Information Upload to Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada

This EPC member information upload was completed on April 18.  Your PA/PCO membership renewals should be coming to you by email in due course.  Please be patient.  Your membership renewals are now being processed but it is a very labour intensive process and everyone involved is a volunteer.

Use of Sign Up Genius

We will move towards using Sign Up Genius for all sessions on our court schedule at Royal Gardens. Glenn Vickers is heading up this project.  More details from Glenn about this process in the next few weeks. We won’t be ready to roll this out for all sessions as the season opens but we will phase it in over time.  That said, we are expecting to use it, almost immediately, for InterClub Play.  

InterClub Play Begins on May 3rd.

Glenn Vickers and Lynne Vickers are heading up our InterClub Play program.  So far, St Albert PIckleball Club and Strathcona Pickleball Club have opted in.  Glenn plans to start InterClub Play on May 3 from 11:00 to 1:00 as per the Royal Gardens Court Schedule.  We are starting with 3.0 and 3.5 players in this first round of InterClub Play.  If there is interest, we can expand to other levels.

So, if you are 3.0 or 3.5 and you would like to try InterClub Play, please contact Glenn Vickers at   Don’t wait – please tell him soon that you’d like to participate.  “Operators are standing by….”

And how about it, 4.0s and 4.5?  Interested?  If you are, we’ll set it up for you.  Maybe Team Event?  EPC vs the World?  We’ll keep stats!  Just let Glenn or Lynne know.

Lessons and Clinics

EPC will have both lessons and clinics throughout the course of the outdoor season.

EPC will offer free Orientation to PB sessions to new players.  Glenn and Lynne Vickers and Ran Newby are coordinating and offering the instruction for beginners.


Leslie Srogen and Sean McCartan have agreed to bring their popular series of pickleball clinics to EPC! 

Their series of clinics will be by player rating and the first series will begin in June.  We anticipate their follow up series will be in early July and then, if the weather holds, their third one will be in September.

Players will register for both sessions of their two part series of clinics at a cost of $40 for both sessions. The two sessions in their series are sequential and you must register for both and attend both.

Dates of their first series of lessons:

Players rated 2.0-2.5   Saturday, June 16      10:00 - 11:30 and Wednesday, June 20   3:00 - 4:30

Players rated 3.0          Saturday, June 16        1:00 - 2:30 and Thursday, June 21   3:00 - 4:30

Players rated 3.5          Wednesday, June 20   6:00 - 7:30 and Thursday, June 21   6:00 - 7:30

Registration will be on their website   Registration will open on May 1st.  EPC will not be accepting registrations on behalf of  You must register, sign their waiver form and make your $40 payment online directly to them on their website.

More Great News!

Our 2018 application for a summer student through Canada Summer Job Application program has been approved!  EPC will again have the services of a summer student to make our programs run smoothly.

Battle of the Paddle Tournament

Registrations for the tournament have been strong.  Several categories are oversubscribed; however, there is still room for more registrants at 2.5 and at 5.0.

Don’t worry of you have never played in a tournament.  Jan Ardis is offering her helpful and free course to newcomers to tournaments.  We call it “Tournaments 101 – What to Expect When You Play in a Tournament”.   Please email her directly if you are interested in this helpful service. Contact Jan at:

USAPA New Ratings

We are including, as an attachment, the latest from USAPA re Player Ratings.  This just came out and we will need to digest what this means for our players and how we will proceed.

Pickleball Tutor

The Club will purchase a Pickleball Tutor ball machine for member use.  More details to come on this.

Club Bookkeeper

We continue to need a Club Bookkeeper.  Please come forward if you can help the club in this way.  Support will be available.  Don’t be shy. Please email Ray Richards, Treasurer,

Central Lions Senior Center Tournament Announcement

Please see the attachment and please contact Central Lions directly if you are interested.

EPC Membership Renewals

If you have not renewed your EPC membership because you really didn’t believe spring was ever going to arrive…well, it’s here and the outdoor season is about to start!  Please join now via our website 

That’s all for now.  More news to come in the next week or so.



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