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 Newsletter - February 5, 2018

Hello Everyone,

We had terrific response from you with over 20 suggested names for our Summer Classic Pickleball Tournament and the winner is “Battle of the Paddle”, submitted by Ted Biggs.  Many thanks to all of you who submitted such creative ideas! And many thanks to Ted, whose “incredible prize” will be a complementary registration in our first “Battle of the Paddle”!

Keep an eye on and be sure to register for our tournament when you see that registrations are open!

I know you’ve already seen the rules changes at least once; however, the following is a concise description of 13 major changes to the USAPA 2018 rules.

1.     Service motion cannot begin before the entire score has been called. Violation = fault. Service motion is defined as,” the server’s arm movement initiating the swing, backward or forward, to contact the ball.”

2.     Once the score is called, the receiver cannot become “not ready.”

3.     Receiver attempting to become not ready after the score is called = fault.

4.     Once the score is called, the server has ten seconds to serve – whether the receiver is ready or not (see #2 above).

5.     All/any ten-second violations result in a fault.

6.     The serving team may ask the score and if he/she is the correct server, but not if they are in the correct position.

7.     The receiving team may ask only the score, but not if they are in the correct position, or the correct receiver.

8.     Players are given a maximum of 1 minute to switch sides at 6/8/11 points. This is NOT a time-out. Partner communication and hydration are permitted, but coaching is not allowed.

9.     Player may ask the referee to make a line call, if unseen by either player. If the referee did not see it, the ball is “in”.

10. Requests for medical time-outs are granted and medical personnel (TD) summoned to assess if need is valid. If not valid, team is assessed a technical warning.

11. The presence of blood is an automatic official TO. Play not resumed until it is cleaned up. No medical TO assessed.

12. Following a technical warning or foul the referee will give a 15-second notice, call time in and begin 10-second count.

13. Rule Interpretation: Player requesting to see head referee/TD for rule interpretation loses a time-out AND is assessed a technical warning, if the referee’s original call was correct. If no TO available, a technical foul is assessed in place of a TW.

Helen - President

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