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Exciting News

Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Edmonton Pickleball Club recently received written approval for a $70,000 CIP Grant (Community Initiatives Program) from the Government of Alberta with Alberta Lottery Funds.  These funds will be used to revitalize and improve the outdoor courts at the Royal Gardens Community League with new asphalt, 6 dedicated Pickleball courts, 2 tennis courts shared with 4 more Pickleball courts and basketball hoops. The RGCL will provide matching funds for the $140,000 to $150,000 budget for this construction.  Construction is expected to be completed before July (maybe ). The construction schedule will be circulated once it has been finalized as we still need final approval from the City of Edmonton for the work being undertaken by the EPC and the RGCL.  We may make a temporary move to another community league court if necessary.

More Good News

The EPC has once again been granted approval and funding from the Federal Government to hire another Summer Student for a nine-week period.  This position last year was most helpful to your volunteer Directors as it provided much needed computer help plus on-site supervision of the outdoor courts during weekday hours.  The plan is to recruit and have the student working about mid-June.

Outdoor Work Party

Spring has arrived … hopefully!  The Outdoor courts need to be cleaned and set-up for play so we need a Work Party organized for Thursday, May 4 at 1:30 PM with at least 6 volunteers to help with work gloves,a few brooms and willing spirit.  We will have use of the power sweeper, heavy duty water hose, back-pac blower and access to once again install two tennis nets for back stops.  Please reply   if you can come to help and you will be confirmed back via email.

 Outdoor Play

The first week or two will be Open Play times when all members can come and access the locked courts and locked storage chest (for nets, paddles and balls) and play with other members.  To set up your own games for and Open Play, all Members have access to the email addresses and telephone numbers of all others via our NEW Website at    At the website LOGIN then hover over the MEMBERS tab and clock on the DIRECTORY where you will find 190+ players. Then you can see and sort by various fields such as Gender, Rating, etc.

The posted Play Schedule is targeted to start on Friday, May 19 (weather permitting) however Drop-In Open Court play will start anytime after the Work Party is finished on Thursday this week.  I will be assisted this year by Wendy and Al Schilling in setting up the Schedule and organizing Court Hosts – we could use more help here, particularly with Court Hosts.

DO YOU WANT EVENING AND WEEKEND PLAY DATES SCHEDULED? Let us know which days and times you prefer by way of emails to either Wendy Schilling or Ken Hurshowy.  Contact us also for any other ideas on play formats and scheduling ASAP as we will be setting up the first schedule soon.

Outdoor Court Access

All 2016 and 2017 members have access to the courts until May 31, after which only current 2017 members will have access with a new padlock combination.  The current combination for the two padlocks is only for Members and is read on the narrow side of the padlock CLICK HERE FOR THE CODE:

  • 1.     The gate can be left open while members are in attendance BUT MUST BE LOCKED PLEASE when last one has left the courts.
  • 2.     The brown storage box has the same combination padlock and has the same rules.  Here you will find portable nets that can be setup in 5 minutes for games but MUST BE TAKEN DOWN PLEASE once play is finished and returned to the box, for security and longevity purposes.  This box also has extra loaner paddles, balls, first aid kit and club binder. All must remain at the courts.

Access to the indoor washroom is available when either a Director, a Court Host or our Summer Student is in attendance due to security requirements of the community league.

Summer Tournament Opportunity

The Town of Penhold (a few kilometers south of Red Deer) is hosting the "PENHOLD PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT" on JUNE 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekend.  Rob and Jane White (of Red Deer Pickleball Supplies) are the tournament organizers. If you are interested in attending,please check out the website link below for details.

 Final Notes

Get ready to enjoy a busy summer of Pickleball – both Indoors where play continues year-round and Outdoors in the sun (and occasionally the wind).  Renewing or joining the Edmonton Pickleball Club is easier now using our NEW Website. Check it out and you can pay the dues either by credit card or cheque.  Any questions or problems can be directed to the Web Editor - Ken Hurshowy.

See you on the courts … Ken

Ken Hurshowy, President

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