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Pickleball Player Rating System

Pickleball Canada (PCO) and United States of America Pickleball Association (USAPA) have implemented the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) Rating system. This allows players to have the same Player Ratings in both Canada and the USA.

There are Three Types of Ratings in Pickleball:

1.  Self Rating which has an “S” designation on the Pickleball Canada/USAPA/IFP Ratings Website. Any unrated player may Self Rate. The Pickleball Ratings Chair recommends that you use the Pickleball Canada Skill Level Guidelines outlined below when doing so. These Guidelines were updated by the Ratings Chair in 2018 and are in line with current tournament play.

 2.  C
lub Rating which has a “C” designation and does not appear on the Pickleball CanadaUSAPA/IFP Website. Any Pickleball club may assign Club Ratings to their members. We urge Club Raters to use the current Pickleball Canada Skill Level Guidelines when rating club members.

3.  Tournament Rating which has a “T” designation. Tournament Ratings may be achieved based on merit in sanctioned tournaments. Tournament Ratings are determined by the Ratings Chair depending on the player’s success against other rated players. The bracket must also have depth ie. a significant number of players. Sometimes it may take participation in more than one tournament to establish a player’s rating. A Tournament Rating may also be assigned by the Ratings Chair following a Skill Level Assessment by a Pickleball Canada recognized Rater.

See the new USAPA Tournament Ratings introduced July 2018 below:

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