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Be familiar with and follow any approved paddle guidelines.

Don’t leave it in extreme heat such as cold or hot, especially in the car. Keep it from getting wet such as from the rain or snow(!). Don’t throw it, drag it, or bang it.

Don’t scrape it on the ground when picking up the ball.

Put a new grip on when it is wearing off. Pickleball paddles get damaged when they slip out of someone’s hand.

Don’t use your paddle as a “scoop” to pick up the ball or hit it along the ground - you are also being kind to your paddle.

Do not hit paddles after your game. You can nick or damage the surface. Either: fist bump, shake hands or touch the bottom of the handle with your opponents.

Make sure that the edge guard is tight on your paddle. Re-glue with contact cement if loose. Loose edge guards will change the rebound off the paddle.

A good paddle weight is around 7.5 ounces. Too light a paddle requires a far better stroke execution than a medium or heavy paddle. Heavier paddles make the backhand to forehand transitions slower.
Look at the marks on your paddle. Are you hitting the ball in the middle of your paddle? Clean your paddle, using a soft terry towel, wet with water only, and dry immediately with a dry towel after each session.


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